March 3, 2024

Liberty Insurance for Telsa EV

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AS Tesla vehicles make their much anticipated debut on Malaysian roads, the demand for specialised insurance coverage will indefinitely increase, prompting Liberty Insurance to unveil their groundbreaking EV product – InsureMyTesla Comprehensive Coverage – which offers Tesla owners specially tailored coverage exclusively for their brand-new vehicles.

Tesla’s partnership with Liberty Insurance extends beyond the Malaysian borders, already having existing regional partnerships with the insurer in Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand – with Malaysia the latest addition within its regional network as the preferred partner provider for Tesla.

AmGeneral Insurance Berhad CEO Puneet Pasricha assures customers that Liberty Insurance, as Tesla’s preferred insurance provider, is ready to support the needs of Tesla owners in the country and to enhance their experience.

Tesla owners can rest assured that they will be well protected under this customised insurance solutions coverage.

The introduction of InsureMyTesla Comprehensive Coverage falls in line with the company’s efforts to support Malaysia’s environment, social and governance (ESG) agenda, demonstrating their commitment in contributing to a sustainable future.

This is also part of Liberty Insurance’s initiative to participate in the global shift towards greener technologies as a forward-thinking insurance provider.

Bringing this partnership to life, customers can enjoy up to a 5% discount on basic premium rates when they finance their new Tesla vehicle through Liberty Insurance’s preferred bank, Ambank.

The following are some key benefits of InsureMyTesla Comprehensive Coverage that Tesla owners can enjoy:

> Private electric charger: Owners will be reimbursed for the actual expenses incurred due to loss of or accidental damage to their private electric charger, up to RM12,000. This coverage is limited to one occurrence per policy year.

> 24-hour towing assistance for accidents or breakdowns: Tesla owners can enjoy worry-free driving with around-the-clock towing service for unlimited mileage and assistance in the event of accidents or breakdowns (excluding cases where the vehicle runs out of battery).

> 24-hour towing assistance for flat battery: In the unfortunate event of a flat battery, Tesla owners are entitled to 24/7 unlimited mileage towing assistance, up to three times per policy year. Liberty Insurance’s authorised service provider will promptly tow the vehicle to the nearest EV charging station for a quick recharge.

> Key repair/replacement: InsureMyTesla Comprehensive Coverage provides reimbursement of up to RM1,000 for the repair or replacement of car keys or transmitter due to theft, robbery, or house break-ins. This benefit is limited to one occurrence per policy year.

> All drivers covered: InsureMyTesla Comprehensive Coverage extends coverage to all authorised drivers of the vehicle, ensuring comprehensive protection for everyone behind the wheel.

> Warranty for workmanship repair: Tesla owners are entitled to up to 12 months for workmanship on repairs carried out by Tesla’s panel of trusted workshops.

A range of valuable add-ons will also be available under this coverage scheme, including coverage for windscreen, special perils, legal liability to passengers and legal liability of passengers.

Liberty Insurance has been appointed as the preferred partner of Tesla worldwide and is globally recognised for its extensive experience in insuring EV and Tesla electric vehicles as the company has a deep understanding of the unique needs of Tesla and EV vehicle owners.

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